What Sowers Know #3 Till The Soil


What Sowers Know #3

God has given you ground, a place and people to grow.

With the ground he has given you seed.

But please consider the soil before you plant.

A sower knows the soil must be prepared if the seed is to take root.

Tilling takes time.

Sometimes the soil with its weeds and rocks is stubborn.

The place you are assigned may be hard and dry.

But it’s where God has placed you and he wants to grow something or someone there.

He knows the potential you cannot see and isn’t overly concerned with your appraisal.

There will be weeds to pull and stones to unearth.

But earth is earth and hearts are hearts; both divinely created to be tilled.

Don’t give up.

Be curious about the soil and patient with the heart.

Sincere questions till the soil of a hard heart.

So do acts of service.

Kindness breaks up chunks of preconceived ideas.

Determined generosity destroys the appearance of greed.

Respect goes a long way in digging up rocks of condescension.

Transparency and humility kill weeds that would strangle what the seed would grow.

Plain old resilience softens soil sometimes.

The Holy Spirit is working in and on your ground.

As you till, watch for the place he opens in the soil of a human heart.

A question.

A request.

A tear.

A smile.

A confession.

A plea.

These might all be openings for you to plant the seed.

In the meantime, keep tilling.

God has given you ground, a people and place to grow.