What Sowers Know #1


For all my friends out there who have committed to making a difference in their world. Recently, I’ve been thinking about (Psalm 126) and the concept of sowing seed in leadership throughout the Bible. These thoughts have led to a series of very short posts I hope will encourage and maybe challenge you. Sow on.

What Sowers Know #1

Human beings sow seed.  

Even when we don’t sow intentionally, we’re still sowing.

Leaving in the lives of those we encounter something taking on a life of its own.

Words, actions, looks, and even body language are planting tools. 

Some spread seed wisely, some foolishly, some selfishly.

Some think they are masters at disguising seed they seek to sow.

But what grows behind them betrays their intention.

Indeed, we reap what we sow.

Good seed or bad, human interactions spread seed. 

It’s a unique power God has given us to influence.

Surely the angels asked: “Why did God give such a sobering power to such a careless creation?”

But He did.  

What we say may be ruminated over when we’re no longer next in line.

A decision will be made to allow the thought, impression, doubt, fear, courage, idea, criticism, conjecture, affirmation, ignorance, knowledge, truth, lie, love, hate, discouragement, or joy to take root.

Sometimes hearts are too young or vulnerable to discern good seed from bad, and everything planted grows.

God, help me to plant wisely for I will be accountable for the fields I have planted.

May every sower look over their shoulder once in a while and consider what grows in their wake.

Human beings sow seed.

(Psalm 126, Matthew 12:36)