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Sometimes a thought grabs you by the heart. While listening to Vice-President Pence speak at the opening service of what will be week long memorials for George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, it happened to me. Pence repeated what has been a mantra in the Bush home and office for decades; “CAVU.” It is a Naval acronym meaning “Ceiling and visibility unlimited.” Bush had it inscribed on a simple piece of wood and hung it in their home. It has obvious meanings for Naval Aviators, but is more than that. When I think of the difference Jesus makes in a life, it tells it all. There is no height inaccessible to the follower of Jesus and because of His leadership, we can have vision to see what hasn’t arrived yet. That’s faith. This Christmas I’ve added a thought to how Jesus changes everything; “CAVU.” With the birth of Jesus, God has boots on the ground and we can have eyes on the sky. Leaders, lead on.