"I Want to Run"


Recently, my daughter and I began training for a 1/5 marathon.  Spending that much time on the road makes you think.  I developed 31 devotionals that I hope will be a blessing to those who join me on the trail  Each day for the next 31 I'll be posting one. Peace.

Day #1- “I want to run.”


“Come what may, I want to run.” So Joab said, “Run!”

(2 Samuel 18:22)

 It’s not that I think I’m better, but I can’t walk with the pack.

I want to run.

It’s not that I gain some kind of thrill from running ahead.

I can’t run that far ahead.

But I have to run.

I can’t run as fast nor as far as I used too,

but still, I want to run.

I love the feel of sweat on my brow and the sun beating down on my face.

I want to run.

I love the stretch of my muscles and the light pounding of my feet.

I love to run.

I love turning the corner and seeing home, I want to run.

Not for medals, not for glory, just for the sake of running, I want to run.

I love feeling my lungs expand as I breathe deeper than I ever thought I could

I love feeling my body temperature rise as I hit the pace

And lower as I rest in the shade

I love to run.

All these things and so much more tell me I’m alive and living is good!

And when time takes away the muscle that carries me, my spirit will run when my feet can’t and I’ll remember all the sunny days, and rainy days, and snowy days when I ran.

I’ll remember the roads and trails and the smell of grass and gravel and tar I’ll remember the good days and bad days and distracted days when life had my mind in a whirl, and I ran to find a clearing of peace.

I’ll remember, and I’ll close my eyes and run again, and be thankful.

Thank you, God, for the health, energy, and the desire to run!

Today, I’m a runner and so, come what may, I want to run!

  From (2 Samuel 18:22) Ahimaaz lived during the time of King David.  He was known for two things.  First, he was known for his great loyalty to the King.  Secondly, he was known for his love of running.  Undoubtedly, he began running as a small boy, taking messages and bringing news.  Undoubtedly, he ran when others walked.  He loved to run.  About the time he became an adult, war broke out. Ahimaaz took his place of service.  It was his legs that carried important messages from the King to his commanders, and his swift feet that brought news of the battle back to the palace.  Often he was in great danger, but he continued to run because that’s who he was, a runner.  It was in his blood and his heart, much like the loyalty that flowed through his character for the King. May the same be said of me someday. May I be remembered for my love of my King, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and by my commitment to running into His plan for my life, head on!  Seizing every moment!  Living every day!  Let others walk, I want to run! Since Ahimaaz was a messenger, today, as you run, consider this question; What message would God have me to deliver today? Prayer Heavenly Father,  Thank You for the strength and the desire to run.  May I so live this day that I will be remembered tomorrow as one whose life was characterized by strong loyalty to the King and a never ending passion for seizing the moment. Help me to be remembered as a true runner in the race of life.  Amen.   “Both sweat and tears are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy; but sweat will get you change.”[1] -          Jesse Jackson   [1] Robert G. Torricellie; Quotations for Public Speakers, (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2001) p. 212