"Just whittling?"







“Transitioning” is a powerful book by Dan Southerland regarding change in the local church.  Below is a story he tells laying the groundwork for needed, strategic, change.  (page 13)

“Travis and Garrett are each given a block of wood and a knife.  Both boys immediately begin whittling.  Both are working hard. Both are serious about their work.  Both are enjoying the task. 

When they are finished, the two boys have quite different results.  Travis has carved a boat.  Garrett has whittled his wood away into a pile of shavings. 

What was different about the two boys?  Travis had vision- which meant he could see the end result.  He also understood transition- how to get from where he was to where he wanted to go.  He had purpose, a target, and a strategy.  Garrett- while working equally hard- was just whittling.”

Southerland goes on to explain why churches need change and transition.  He points to the hard data showing losses suffered by the church over the last 30 years in North America and then points to the cause; “Most churches are just whittling.”

May God help us to be thoughtful, prayerful, and real as we seek to turn the tide and fulfill our God given destiny.  May God help every believer and every church to reach their full redemptive potential.

“Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted property to them.” (Matthew 25:14+)