Everybody Has A Plan

Anyone who has ever led anything can say “amen” to that. This quote was posted on Facebook by a young Army soldier from Ottawa, Illinois, Donald Lewis. I guess a soldier would know.

I was thinking about us humans. Regardless of what the task is, the plan gets difficult when someone hits back. I’m convinced that if it was just me and the heavy bag hanging in my basement, I could be the heavyweight champion of the world. I repeatedly win our battles, and do it without getting so much as a scratch on my face. I’m just too quick for him. He’s slow, has no reach, and limited movement. I land almost every punch and win almost every time. (I say “almost” because there was one time I accidently hit the brick wall next to the bag. I swear I heard the bag laughing.)

But real boxing isn’t like that, and neither is life. Opponents are seldom stationary and adversaries punch back. When a plan is attacked, chaos, confusion, and pain can ensue. There will likely be blood and you just might find yourself looking up while lying on your back. At the very least it can ruin a leaders’ day and spoil a plan. When all of this happens, a cool head and purposed heart must prevail or default defensiveness takes over and defeat is just around the corner.

The difference is what Dr. Crawford Howe calls “peace, poise, and power.” The ability of a leader to keep their cool when those around are losing theirs is priceless. I think it’s one of the reasons Jesus proposes the whole “turn the other cheek” thing. In the culture of Jesus day turning the other cheek was not a sign of weakness, but of power. Almost a Clint Eastwood moment, minus the gun shot at the end. Put in context, “So now what? You’ve hit me and I still love you, what now? You’ve tried to defeat me, but here I stand. Next?” Jesus calls us to love unconditionally, and to stand for truth when that’s all there is left to do, stand.

Heart known peace brings poise and poise is extremely powerful.

So here’s to the leader out there who’s taking one on the chin today. Adjust your thinking and perhaps your plan, and move on. Make sure you know who you are and whose you are and keep punching. If this blog comes to you as you’re lying on your back, I recommend three things that will get you back on your feet.

1. Read the Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5,6,7) It’s only 3 chapters long and you’ve got the same 24 hours everyone else does. Consider it a workout. Besides, what else do you have to do while you’re lying there except whine, and your family will appreciate the break.

2. Watch “Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals” youtube video “Don’t let’em take the fight outta you.”

3. Find a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If” and read it.

Thanks for your service to our country, Donald!

God bless and don’t quit!